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Hello! I am Anna Grechishkina, solo female moto-traveler

In 2013, I decided to travel around the world on my motorcycle. I kept going for 8 years, 8 months & 8 days! Having accomplished the longest journey non-stop by a solo female motorcyclist.

But the war took everyone by surprise.
And in 2022 I returned to my homeland, where
I am currently helping the army and civilians.

Ukraine Currently in
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About me

My Story

My Story

When I was 25 my life changed drastically. I got acquainted with a motorcycle, learned to ride and soon started to travel. It became my biggest passions in life.

One rainy day, when I was thinking where to go next, a fleeting idea about the trip around the world came into my mind. I didn’t pay much attention but in several days I already was planning my first world trip.

I quit my job, rejected my career aspirations, and started to prepare for the unknown.

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The Route

The Route

I have been on a continuous journey around the world on my motorcycle for more than 8 years, since 2013. Until I made a pause and came back to Ukraine when the full-scale invasion of russia against Ukraine started in February, 2022.

Here on this map, you will see my route I have covered in all the years on the road.

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Life Coaching

I believe that everyone has a potential within themselves to change their life and to honor their dreams, be it traveling or any other. I share this fundamental belief with life coaching, and that is why I became a professional life coach to help people become the best versions of themselves.
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Storytelling and motivation speaking are my ways to give back to the world for all the good I received in years on the road.

It is the storytelling which will encourage and motivate people to follow their dreams.
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Fundrasing UA

The war in Ukraine concerns the whole democratic world.

And we, Ukrainians, fight not only for our territorial integrity but for the values of freedom, for the human rights and democratic way of life.
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My book

“The World From My Bike. Meditation On The Road” is my first book made on the road while traveling.

Made with passion, desire to share and contribute, it became not just a book, but the real soul of my trip inspired by the road.
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