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Life Coaching

Life Coaching came into my life five years ago when I was on the road, and what I already felt and practiced intuitively found its ground. Now I want to help other people discover their true dreams, and most important, find and recognize the potential to turn them into reality.

You can be one of them!



My story began

My story began

I got acquainted with life coaching as such in 2018 when by lucky coincidence (or rather something meant to be?) I met Gerard O’Donovan on the motorcycle event in Bulgaria. Gerard is the founder and CEO of premier and one of the longest established professional coaching and coach training organizations Noble Manhattan Group. And at the same time, he is a passionate motorcyclist, that’s where we clicked!

Everything I learned about the aim of life coaching resonated with what I was interested about since long time ago:

  • unleashing one’s inner potential inside,
  • bringing life to the next level,
  • achieving the boldest dreams and goals.

What i understood

I was immediately hooked with the main fundamental which life coaching is based upon.

I believe this is exactly what helped me to make my dream come true and to accomplish the journey around the world, more than once!

Sounds quite simple... but the question is if it’s that simple why so few of us get to the point of even discovering that potential?



I decided to find out more and help other people

Without thinking twice, I enrolled into the life coaching training program to learn more about its tools, to use them for myself and help other people eager to make a sharp turn in their lives.

Since I have started my journey, or rather my life on the road, many years ago, I have been receiving many questions about how to make a profound change in life and accept a challenge of following the dreams.

That’s why, I decided to take my life coaching practice into this direction – Challenge and Change Coaching.

Challenge & change coaching

Challenge & change coaching

“In Pursuit of Harmony and Balance”

3 sessions (+ 1 introduction session) within 1 month

  • 01 Looking for the balance in your life, identifying the areas to be improved and first steps to move forward
  • 02Identifying your life values and discovering how to align your life with your core values
  • 03Building the action plan based on the values elicited and balance of life discoveries

“Journey Towards Your Dream”

7 sessions (+1 introduction session) within 3 months

  • 01 Unleashing your true dreams
  • 02 Discovering your inner potential
  • 03 Building the balanced life based on your core values
  • 04 What’s stopping you?
  • 05 The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step

“Anna’s Inner Circle” (limited option)

14 sessions within 12 months

Accompanying you on the way to your dreams through:

  • 01 “Journey Towards Your Dream”
  • 02 Unlimited email, WhatsApp support during work hours
  • 03 Half a day with me twice a year in a selected part of the world
  • 04 Three emergency calls beyond work hours within 12 months


Oksana Ishina
Oksana Ishina Web Engineer From Australia

I am very thankful to you for coaching me over 2 months! I had coaches before, but no other coach gave me cristal clarity, as you did. It is really fantastic to be able to get through any problem and see solutions in such a shot time!

We covered different spheres of my life, such as work, love, finance etc. Some topics were not very comfortable for me to discuss, so I naturally tried to diviate, but your ability to keep me on track and gently move me to the right direction was very professional. I never felt any judgment from you or any pressure.

I am endlessly thankful to you and hope to continue our sessions after a short break. Just letting you know, that my life turned into 180 degrees for better during and after our sessions. I have never been more confident in myself and in what I do or going to do thanks to you, Anna.

Tatiana Digtina
Tatiana Digtina Spanish Teacher From Ukraine/ Germany

I turned to Anna at a difficult time in my life when I seemed to be losing control of my life.

During the session of 2 hours, Anna was asking questions and I was looking for the answers myself.

After the session, I clearly saw the way I needed to move, began to take steps to improve my life and regain control.

Remember, you can do much more than you think!

Your journey towards your true self, towards the mind-blowing changes in your life can start already today and already now!

Challenge yourself to become your best version!

Join my ride!
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