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Why My Life Is Just As Normal

Eight years ago today I was leaving my home country for a journey around the world. That day I couldn’t imagine how I would handle two years on the road which was my initial plan. Not only I handled it four times longer but I have discovered that this is very natural and normal for me, moreover, my life is just as normal as everyone else’. Here is why…

Why My Life Is Just As Normal
Hey, it’s me Anna!)
Hey, it’s me Anna!)

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The first thing is home. It may seem that I have no home roaming around but I do. Actually my home is extended into several different facets. When we think of home, we think of the most comfortable place for us where we feel protected and where we can be our true selves. Such place for me is the road, such place for me is my motorcycle, such place for me is everywhere I stop for a night. What is the home for the fish? Its element is its home. I found my element too.

The next, relations. I believe that for true friendship, love, dedication etc., time and space are not the obstacles but only the excuses if there was no depth or sincerity at the first place. Some of my most valuable and cherished friendships were built while being on the road, and I know that those are friends for life.

Believe it or not, but I also have to work to survive and to support my life. I am not a millionaire by lucky birth or marriage, and I have to take care of every single expense, to think of what I will eat and where I will sleep tomorrow. Some of the projects I’m involved in are temporary, some are constant, there’s not a day when I wouldn’t open my laptop, and sometimes my working hours stretch way longer than I would want them to be. But also I know that every day and every mile on the road is not taken or given for granted.

Here come responsibilities and obligations. Carefree lifestyle with nothing to worry about and no one to report to, doesn’t always happen. My very presence on the road often depends on how diligent, reliable and trustworthy I will be. But my biggest responsibility is to myself and for my choices.

Everything we have or experience in our life is our choices or consequences of the choices made before. Whether we like it or not. We will make our life easier if we choose to own our choices and not blame anyone or anything else for them, including destiny or karma. I made my choice many years ago, and I’ve been making the same choice every day. Apart from hundreds of other choices arising along the way. Including how I will choose to feel and respond when something is beyond my control.

It can seem the life of a fairytale, with everlasting rainbows and sunshine, where the dragons are doomed to be defeated straight away. But I have my share of down moments and failures, like everyone else, like in a normal life we all have. Living the dream life doesn’t spare me of some nightmares, and my dragons seem to have a longer lifespan than they should according to the fairytale plot.

Luckily, like everyone else, and like it’s meant to be in the natural cycle of things, the night is always followed by the dawn, the rain sooner or later stops, and any frown has a potential to be replaced with a smile. I have to say that my happy moments outweigh the down ones by a large margin but I believe that it’s rather related to the choices thing than just to the life on the road.

I always hear that I’m living my dream, and moreover, I’m living the dreams of many. Well, while I can agree on that, I can also say that I have other dreams which are far from being accomplished yet. I can also say that many people around are living my dream. Sounds familiar, right? : )

I could give many more examples and reasons, number eight by itself is the symbol of eternity and endlessness. What I was trying to say is that each and every one of us is a part of the whole and is unique at the same time, like you and like me. And each of us is given one in a million chance to be born and to live.

Whether I will continue traveling for many more years or will settle down tomorrow, my life will be just as normal and as special. Like everyone else’.

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