My name is Anna Grechishkina. It’s been already eight years since I started traveling around the world on my motorcycle, KTM 1190 Adventure.  On this website I share my experience and impressions, photos and videos from the countries I visited, news and plans for future.

I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 1979. Graduated from Kyiv Linguistic University, specialty of English language and literature, and from the International Institute of Business, specialty of Human Resources Management. Worked as a teacher, translator, Human Resources manager.

When I was 25 my life changed drastically. I got acquainted with a motorcycle, learned to ride and soon started to travel – first around Ukraine, then to neighboring countries – Russia, Belorus, Moldova, then further and further – Europe, Asia, Middle East. Every time I felt like going further and longer. Traveling on a motorcycle became my passion. At first, I could manage to combine it with my work. I rode to the office on my motorcycle, changed into the office suit, at the end of a day back to the leather. Definitely, all weekends and vacations were spent on a motorcycle.

One rainy day when I was thinking where to go next a fleeting idea about the trip around the world came into my mind. I didn’t pay much attention and just waved it away. This idea seemed impossible. But after several days it came back again, and this time it was more persistent. But I decided to suspend it as I was about to leave for a 4-months trip around India. By the way I rejected perspectives of a good career in a big company for that journey. I will have enough time to think about a possible trip around the world later, I told to myself. And it really happened this way. India has a favorable atmosphere for contemplation and taking serious decisions.

In spring of 2012 I was returning to Ukraine with a firm decision to start preparing for the trip around the world. Preparation took me one year and three months. During this period of time I went through the moments of doubts, hopes and disappointments, rises and falls. It was very difficult to find support and understanding, especially from potential sponsors to whom I addressed for help. Great victory and success was that KTM company – headquarters in Austria and Ukrainian office in Kiev – supported with a discount for a motorcycle and the riding gear. One of the most important issues of this trip was finalized – I will ride KTM 1190 Adventure in this journey.

But the question of financing the trip itself remained pending. At the day of leaving for the journey around the world, July 27, 2013, I had only one thousand euro in my pocket and hope that if this travel is meant to be, the world will open its doors for me.

The hope came true. But the plans kept changing .. The journey of two years was gradually turning into three, four, five. Soon I realized that I no longer travel, I live on the road.

Eight years had passed since I left for this trip around the world, and now I am already riding my second circle. It was harder to stop than I thought. The road became my comfort zone.

A lot of miracles and amazing coincidences happened to me along the way. They taught me that if you really want something and keep pushing towards your dream, you will get there, and your dream will come true.

The decision to go around the world was the most correct and the most important one so far. I am happy that when it was very hard and I was on the edge, I didn’t give in to the impulse and decided to try it anyway. A dream is worth of taking a risk and taking the first step. And it will guide you through the rest of the steps…

I called my journey around the world by the initial words of the famous speech by Martin Luther King I Have a Dream… I believe that a dream of one person can change the world, Martin Luther King is a role model for me.

From the very childhood I liked traveling together with my parents, and I had a dream to see the world. At that time, it seemed impossible, but now my dream has become reality, and I’ve been on the road for eight years. Now my dream has been extended, and it is to help as many people as possible to believe in themselves and their dreams.

For me traveling around the world is not just kilometers under my tires and amazing landscapes around but also possibility to meet and talk to people, share with them my stories and listen to theirs. For me it’s important to do something useful in the countries on my way, not only to receive, but also to give back.

In many countries I look for the opportunities to visit schools, orphanages, colleges, hospitals, nursery homes. I cannot help these institutions financially but I can tell the story of my dream and my experience along the way, encourage my listeners to make the first step towards their dreams, believe in themselves and that they deserve the life they dream of.

Person on a motorcycle still attracts attention of people around, and a motorcycle is associated with freedom, dreams, absence of limits and boundaries. I think that one of tasks of traveling motorcyclists is to use this attention to support people’s aspirations for freedom and fulfilling their dreams. I also meet and make presentations of my adventure for motorcycle communities and clubs, as well as for people who are interested in motorcycles and travels.

I feel really happy when I see a sparkle in my listeners’ eyes, when I receive messages from them saying that they are ready to start journey towards their dreams. If at least one person will believe in himself/herself and make their dreams come true, I will be able to consider one of the most important missions of my journey as accomplished.