I first got acquainted with life coaching in 2018 when by lucky coincidence (or rather something meant to be?) I met Gerard O’Donovan, founder and CEO of one of the longest established professional coaching and coach training organizations Noble Manhattan Group.

Everything I learned about life coaching resonated with what I have been interested in for such a long time. Unleashing the inner potential within us with the aim of upgrading our life and achieving our boldest dreams and goals. 

I was immediately hooked on the fundamentals that life coaching is based on. Every person has the resources within themselves to find the answers and solutions to any issue, any question, any obstacle. The key is to dig deeper and to reach those resources and that potential which will show us who we really are and what we are capable of.  Coaching Does That!

Sounds quite simple... but the question is if it’s that simple why so few of us get to the point of even discovering that potential? This is where Life Coaching comes in – with this and many other important questions a life coach will ask you and you will find answers to. The well-known saying states that in order to get a proper answer a proper question should be asked, or in other words, powerful questions asked at the right time. This is what a life coach is an expert in-– with the help of questions and other techniques to give you space and time to find the most important answers. 

Without thinking twice, I enrolled onto the life coaching training program to learn more about its tools, in order to use them for myself and to help other people who are eager to make a sharp turn and take personal responsibility for their lives. If you are interested too in finding out what is involved in becoming an internationally qualified and accredited professional coach – simply access these wonderful reports by

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Since I have started my journey, or rather my life on the road, eight years ago, I have been receiving many questions about how to make a profound change in life and accept the challenge of following their dreams. Therefore, I decided to take my life coaching practice in this direction – Challenge and Change Coaching, and I am offering life coaching sessions through the following packages.

Challenge And Change Coaching

offers the following packages of services:

1.  “In Pursuit of Harmony and Balance”
3 sessions (+ 1 introduction session) within 1 month

  • Looking for the balance in your life, identify the areas to be improved and the first steps to move forward (based on the Wheel of Life exercise)
  • Identifying your life values and discovering how to align your life with your core values (based on Values Elicitation exercise)
  • Building an action plan based on the values elicited and balance of life discoveries

2.  “Journey Towards Your Dream”
7 sessions (+1 introduction session) within 3 months

  • Unleashing your true dreams
  • Discovering your inner potential
  • Building a balanced life based on your core values
  • What’s stopping you?
  • The journey of a thousand miles starts with YOUR first step

3.  “Anna’s Inner Circle”
14 sessions within 12 months

  • Accompanying you on the way to your dreams through:
  • Unlimited email, WhatsApp support during work hours
  • Half a day with me twice a year in a selected part of the world
  • Six group sessions within 12 months
  • Three emergency calls beyond work hours within 12 months

YOUR journey towards a whole new you and a new exciting fulfilling life starts Here!   

I am looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better.
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