Until this moment I have been on the road for eight and a half years of a continuous journey, meaning that I never went back to my home-country since I left. Following the green line on this interactive map you will see which continents and countries the road took me to. Also you can zoom and scroll with clickable markers directing you to the photo galleries and blog posts from the respective countries.

One blue marker corresponds to one country I traveled to. Click on the marker and you will see what is available on my website about this country.

The information on this interactive map is always being updated, and new places, routes, photos and texts added. Why? Because my journey is still on, and I have no fixed date of finishing it. Actually it is not traveling any longer, it is living on the road…

You will not see any planned routes or destinations for future because I like to be spontaneous and head where the wind and my free will takes me. So I do not share my plans publicly just because I do not know them : ) But you are welcome to come along and join me virtually wherever in the world I find myself. All I can be sure of and promise is that it will be interesting!